Our Story

  • 2005, Dec

    Mary McCormack and Catherine Dunleavy visit communities affected by Tsunamis in Southern India.

    They set up the Assisi Charitable Foundation on their return to Ireland.

  • 2005

    Starting in 2005 sixty houses have been completed (by 2015) and approx 30 others repaired. encouraged and empowered women to start micro industries to support their families.

  • 2005, March

    Kripalayam, Orphanage built to provide homes for 40 young boys.

  • 2006, May

    Maintenance of the orphanage and the children, staff salaries, books, uniforms, school fees, transport etc., transferred by Assisi Charitable Foundation Dublin to a Board of Trustees in Cochin.

  • 2007, Jan

    Two sites purchased in Kary and The Little Flower English Medium School built on the site.

    Assisi School
  • 2008, June

    €20,000.00 raised to fund a new housing initiative by the foundation via the first Golf Classic event held by the charity.

    Tara Winthrop Golf Classic
  • 2008, Nov

    12 of 24 houses completed and keys presented by Mary McCormack during special ceremony.

  • 2009, June

    Little Flower English Medium School in Kari officially opened. 5 houses were built in Erramalloor, in the Cochin Diocese. Funded by Dr. Tony Woods of the Talbot Group.

    5 new houses were funded by Dr. Tony Woods and funding given to Ashram to help with maintenance.

    Established a women’s enterprise in Kary and employed teachers to teach them how to do crochet, embroidery, sewing and beading.

  • 2010, Feb

    Dr. Angela Mohan funds piping water to the housing development in Chottanikkara.

  • 2010, Sept

    We decided to purchase more sewing machines to build out the tailoring service.

    Twelve additional houses completed in Chottanikkara.

    Tailoring unit
  • 2010, Dec

    The tailoring unit worked hard to provide clothing for the Master’s Village Orphanage and the Ashadeepam Centre for Intellectual Disabilities for Christmas of that year.

    Dresses made for children
  • 2011, Feb

    A new housing project was begun in Amballoor in the Diocese of Ernakulam building five new houses for local people.

    Chottanikkara was supplied with water and proper finishes given to the new homes partially developed by the local Government.

  • 2011, May

    Supplied chickens and ducks to seventy families on Kary.

  • 2011, June

    We employed a new Training Officer and Sales Manager for the Tailoring unit on Kary to help grow this enterprise.

  • 2011, August

    The Queen of Kary, a house boat enterprise which was commissioned by Mary McCormack was built and put into service to bring tourism to the Kary area and employ more locals.

    Sewing machines to a new tailoring unit in Chottanikkara which will create more employment in the area. Donated by the family of the late Mrs. Monica Hill, who was a resident for six years in Tara Winthrop Private Clinic, in Swords, Co. Dublin.

    Church hall band donated to donated by the family of the late Richard Fagan and Assisi Charitable Foundation.

    A new tailoring unit set up in Chottanikkara in 2012.

    24 families housed in Chottanikkara to date.

    Monica Hill donated this sewing machine
  • 2012, Feb

    Veranda Tailoring Unit’s new labels – Veranda Fashions and the “Babog” range of baby clothes. The unit now employs 25 ladies and they are very proud of their new baby wear. 24 families housed there to date.

    A new tailoring unit and training centre was also completed in this area in 2012.

    Mary McCormack is an honorary member of the Rotary Club of Cochin City and arranged for them to bring their Medical & Dental Camp to Kary. All Residents received free Dental, Optical and Medical Treatment. We discussed the idea of the Water Plant with the Rotary Club.

  • 2013

    2 houses built and 12 renewed in Amballoor Funding provided to Amballoor village for the training and implementation of an umbrella making facility.

  • 2014

    Paul McCoy of Castleross Nursing and Convalescent Centre, Co. Monaghan, donated a large sum to build and refurbish six houses on Kary.

  • 2016

    During 2016 we assisted needy families living in makeshift sheds with a proper house. The following families were assisted with new houses:

  • 2016

    kerala housing
  • 2016

  • 2016

    The new houses allow the families a more comfortable existence with shelter from adverse weather conditions. Flooding during the Monsoon season is a threat that poor families in these areas are faced with annually especially in sub-standard housing conditions.

  • 2016

    Their new house is designed to protect them from future flooding threats.

  • 2017

    Computers and projectors were purchased for the Ambaloor School to assist teachers with the children’s on-going education and development. Every year children are funded with Bursaries for further education.

    Ambaloor Computers
  • 2017

    The Veranda tailoring unit in Kary makes all the school uniforms, our Charity pays the Veranda Tailoring Unit and the uniforms are distributed to St. Francis Xavier Schools, Ambaloor. They also do school uniforms in Chottanikkara Veranda Tailoring Unit for a shop who supplies large quantities of uniforms to schools. Children in need have transport costs paid for them in outlying areas like Ambaloor, Kary and Chottanikkara.

    Veranda tailoring unit in Kary
  • 2017, February

    Several hundred plants were distributed to families interested in vegetable growing in Kary Village. Vegetables had never been grown in the village before as the soil is too salty. The plants are grown in pots or grow bags and fresh water used to sustain them. The project is very successful and they had a bumper crop of Egg Plants and tomatoes in 2017.

  • 2017

  • 2017

    Harvesting Tomatoes

  • 2017

    A project for 2017 is to help this poor family with their housing requirements.
    Our team on the ground in Kerala sorts through the applications of the most needy families to assist either in building a new house or renovating their own to a safe standard. To date the charity has assisted approximately eighty families with new houses and a further thirty renovations have been carried out to homes in the coastal areas of Kerala.

    House in disrepair
  • 2017, June

    A new Veranda Tailoring Unit has been established in Chottanikkara to provide employment opportunities for local people. A new interlocking machine was purchased for this purpose.