The Assisi Charitable Foundation in conjunction with the Rotary Club has supported the building of a de-salination plant that filters local seawater, sanitises it and distributes it through the mechanism of stand pipes throughout Kari.  We have also assisted the people of Chottanikkara with piping fresh water to their village.


Road building

The Assisi Foundation in conjunction with local authority assistance helped to build a proper road connecting the people of Kari with the mainland. This has contributed greatly to the economic development of the village and the accessibility of markets and employment opportunities.

A road built with the help of Assisi Charitable Foundation


The Assisi Foundation in conjunction with local authorities has built housing for many poor families in Kari, Chottanikkara and Chellanam Panchayaths.  Chellanam is a low lying community next to the sea and suffers a lot from coastal flooding.  We assist those families to build higher foundations so that their homes can stay dry during times when high seas threaten to flood their homes.  We also help with repairs and renewals of existing housing where families are too poor to repair roofs and essential maintenance on their homes.

Assisi built house


One of the first major projects of the Assisi Charitable Foundation was to assist with building a school for the people of Kari who had been cut off from the mainland and the only access to schooling was by water.  It was not always possible to get to school depending on weather conditions. Having a school in the village ensured that all children had the opportunity to learn.
Assisi has also assisted the Rotary Club project for prisoner’s children whose families became destitute with no means of support by the provision of school uniforms and materials.

A school in Kerala


Several  communities were assisted with setting up of tailoring units to provide employment for local women.  These succeeded in getting large orders for children’s clothing under the Babog label, uniforms and dress orders that larger factories contracted out to them.

A “hotel” boat was supported so that local employment could be provided for bringing tourists to Kari a very picturesque village so that they could experience the life of the indigenous people and also try the local dishes.

Families were also given small flocks of fowl to start off their own enterprises.

Tailoring unit


With the assistance of Rotary Club members, we have conducted in recent years annual medical camps where villagers can get their health checks, their eyes tested and their teeth examined and repaired.  Where indicated, the Rotarians were able to assist with referring people for operations and helping to get assistance with payment for medicines. The Foundation also secured a sponsor for a new kitchen that was needed at an Ashram in Chennaippara, dedicated by Mother Theresa and managed by Fr. George Kanamplacam. This Ashram accommodates up to 400 men, women and children, some of whom have special needs and mental health issues.

House built by Assisi

Our staff

Office staff of Kerala Ireland Foundation (name of Assisi Charitable Foundation in India to distinguish it from a charity with same name).  Left to right, Zilla Benedict (in charge of the Veranda Tailoring Unit), Mini Prince (Office Administrator), Mary McCormack and Sible Tomy (Social Worker).

Kerala, Assisi Staff